How to install WorldTV IPTV

KODI may be too hard to use for most people, and everyone wants a set-ready TV Box. WorldTV IPTV is exactly such a box!

You just need to one click of the icon of the IPTV app, and wait 1-2 minutes (depending on your internet speed). Then you need to input the security code (which you will get after payment)

We show you two similar ways to install the IPTV APK:

If you install the APK to Android Phone, you just need to input UserName and PassWord as below, and click the “login” button.

If you install the APK to an Android TV Box
, you can download the APK to an USB stick, and plug it to your Android TV Box’s USB port first.

For example, we use an A95X Android TV Box to install WorldTV APK.

Click “My Apps”, then you will find the “GOTV” icon. Then click it to install!

The installation process takes 1-2 minutes as below. When installation finished, it will pop up a space for you to input activation code, which you can get after payment.

If you want to watch adult TV channels, click left sidebar “VIP”, and set a private password for the first time. You will need to input this password everytime when watching adult channels. This is to prevent children doing something wrong.

You can watch live TV now. Enjoy!

The installation process is easy, and HD streaming is fast. Enjoy!